Our office at the Four Corners Medical Arts Centre is located in the South-end of Sudbury. We have state-of-the-art equipment and technicians on-site, an eyewear gallery with a great selection of classic and contemporary styles.  
Four Corners Medical Arts Centre
2009 Long Lake Road, Suite 105
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 6C3
Tel. 705.675.2554
Fax: 705.675.2546
Email: eyedocs@eyedocs.ca
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Children Eye Examination

Children need special consideration when it comes to eye exams. Your Child should have their first eye exam before they turn 2 years old. 80% of learning is visual and as such children need to have annual exams before they start school and every year while they are in school. We are fortunate living in Ontario in that the provincial government still covers eye exams annually for children. We provide an inviting and fun environment for your children.

If your child does need glasses, our optical has a huge variety of glasses for your children to pick from, and we will ensure that your child’s first experience with glasses is positive. We also provide contacts for children with special needs or for those who are actively involved in sports.